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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
1. Are leases for 1-year?  Yes/No, standard leases are for a 1-year period. Different rental units have different lease start and ending dates. Check pricing sheet for specific details. Alternatively, students can opt for a semester lease (start date August 15 and end date May 15). Contact us for additional information.

2. Is there an application fee?  No.

3. How much is the security deposit?  $500.00 per tenant.

4. Who finds roommates?  Tenants are responsible for finding roommates for their apartment. PANA Rentals assists with Roommate Referrals. Tenants should screen all interested roommate candidates. Alternatively, PANA Rentals can direct roomate candidates for your consideration.

5. Are leases individual or joint?  Each individual tenant signs a lease with the landlord and is responsible for their pro-rata share of the monthly rental payment. Every tenant must sign an individual lease with PANA Rentals.
6. Can I get a single room?  Yes. Single occupancy for a single room is @$550-$750/month depending on unit.  Double occupancy   runs @ $425-$475/month.

7. What are payment terms?  Each tenant pays PANA Rentals their pro-rata share of the monthly or semester rent. Tenants can pay monthly or per semester.  We can also work with students receiving financial aid/student loans/TAP funds (proof of financial aid award is required).

8. Are parents required to guaranty the lease?  Yes. If student can document income sufficient to cover rental payments, guaranty's may not be required.

9. Are the units furnished? Most units are furnished or partially furnished. Contact us for specific details about a particular unit. As a general condition, we provide a bed, desk, chair, sofa, kitchen table, and certain common room items (similar to the dorm). All units have a "free" washer and dryer, refrigerator, range, dishwasher, microwave and are cable and internet ready. Tenants need to bring sheets, blankets, pillow, kitchen items and personal items. See Off to College Checklist

10. Who takes care of maintenance items? PANA Rentals in conjuction with the local homeowners association maintain all aspects of your rental property. No mowing grass or landscaping. Your rent includes, trash recycling, water and sewer.

11. What happens if a tenant moves out? The departing tenant is required to pay their pro-rata share of the remaining lease contract. Also, tenant substitution is permitted with landlord and tenant approval.

12. When will my rental unit be available? Pana Rentals will make every attempt to have your rental unit available by the start date of your lease. Keys will be provided at the lease start date.

13. How long has PANA Rentals been in the student housing/rental business? Since 1996. We own and manage 40+ rental properties with 100+ tenants.

14. What is the process?
      a. Check out the available units
      b. Indicate rental unit preference
      c. Complete Rental Application
      d. Pay $500.00/tenant security deposit
      e. Review and sign all paperwork

15. Who do I contact for Customer Service? PANA Rentals returns any call or e-mail within 24-hours.

16. More questions? Contact us at  or call 610-370-2226.